Sunday, October 14, 2007

New Homepage.

Hi Everyone.

I'll keep this brief since you should'nt really care.
I got bored of trying to build the perfect website from scratch rather putting out the good articles I know I can.
Lets say I was getting sidetracked trying to build a deep fryer rather than selling doughnuts.
Anyway I am now moving everything to blogspot until I become proficient in the ways of dreamweaver / .
My testing team (Me and a couple of sock puppets) have told me they like it already.
It was always my aim to a create new article up every week. Maybe now I can achieve that.
For what it's worth, blogspot is a great/easy/cheap way to get a web page up and running. If anyone tells you they want a website, but knows nothing about anything, send them to blogspot (they'll need a gmail account).

This is all still work in progress..

I'm going to fix up the logo and colour scheme and all that unused space in the middle.

Just for posteritym heres a pic of the site on the evning it was set up.

OK enjoy.

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