Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ten Great pieces of Free software

Ten Great pieces of Free software

These aren't in any order (how would you compare a graphic viewer to a file utility?).
These are really good examples and worth a look, and if you think they are really good, them give em' your money :)

CPUBBQ.COM has no affiliations with anyone, we get nothing for refering to any of these sites - they all earned it already by making great software. We will only start using ads if we start blowing out our monthly bandwidth limit, or I lose my job, in which case this will become a porno site with agressive pop-up windows and exploit launched viruses attempting to bilk any credit card numbers from your hard drive, before I make a dash to the Ukraine to live with my spamgang buddies (where I will probably end up being accidently shot after a hard night of vodka drinking and AK47 brandishing)
anyway, back to reality....

1. SeqoiaViewHard disk file utility
Whether you are trying to free up some space on your hard drive or just want a great visualisation of the data structure of your disk, this is for you.Its ability to help you instantly find what is taking up space on your hard drive, is sublime.The way the little blocks that represent your files all add up to exactly the size of your partition is fascinating.Anyone who enjoys watching a graphic disk defragger move data blocks around the disk will love this.

2. IrfanviewGraphic file viewer/editor
So simple and so useful. Want to resize, rotate, change format, convert, crop a graphic file or bunch of files? This is it. I don't know how anyone can use a digital camera without this program. It is so slick and intuitive it seems simpler than most applications that have nowhere near the power it does. I don't even bother installing software from camera manufacturers anymore. I have never seen anything come close to Irfanview.

3. Real Alternative.
If you have used a computer for more than 5 years, you will probably have encountered RealMedia and the various nasty incarnations of its software.I don't need to say anything more than - "its a free, ad free, bug free alternative to RealPlayer, that just works". After using Real Alternative, you will never think of using Real Player again.

4. Quicktime Alternative.
Sorry Apple. I'm not going to pay $50 per upgrade of your ad spewing, cult of Mac, overdesigned, under intuitive Quicktime product, just so I can watch .mov files in Full Screen. Don't get me wrong, I love apple, and the next machine I get will be a mac of some kind, but somewhere around 2005, (probably when iTunes and Quicktime became locked together) I found I just could'nt stand either Quicktime or iTunes anymore. To put files on an iPod use Yamipod. To play MP3s on your PC, use 1by1, for editing and prepping Mp3s, use MP3tag.

5. YamipodiPod file transfer utility
Afraid to plug your iPod into your friends PC, because iTunes threatens to format it?Want to copy files to AND FROM your iPod?not perfect yet, but always improving.Easy to use.

6. CDexMP3 (or whatever) encoder
Open source (yay!), fast, simple.

7. 1by1PC MP3 player

8. MP3tag MP3 tagger
Put proper tags on your MP3s.Add images, fix up the album names and other info in your MP3 library.I did'nt realise how good this was til I started really using it. Its ability to help you get the correct info out of the filenames and into the tags (or vice versa) is incredible.

9. DaemonTools
Virtual CD/DVD drive software

10. microTorrent Torrent Downloader
Similar in many ways to Azureus, but without a few of the features, and without the usual Java nightmare, (no Java, I don't want to update your updater now).It is basically one file that runs, so almost no installation is required.It does what you need it to and gets out of your way when its finished.So many programs should be this way that are'nt.

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