Friday, February 1, 2008

OSX on a PC!!

That's right. the holy grail.
Finally freedom from lame windows.
OSX running on your PC hardware. I have always been a fan of PCs, changeing motherboards, overclocking CPUs, plugging in weird Video cards, and getting the whole thing to work only to be confronted at the end with lame Windows XP (don't even mention Vista).
Its kind of like building the best car ever, getting dressed up in you best clothes, and going out on the town, only to find yourself at a party with 10 workmates who you hate, talking about a TV program that was cancelled 15 years ago, that you also hated, and even getting that wrong.
Well anyway, if you want the blow by blow how to, please see my article

Who did what?
The problem with getting OSX to run on a PC, is that most PCs run at the lowest level, a program called a BIOS (Basic Input Output System). This is used to direct calls from the operating system to the hardware.
BIOS has been with us since the first PCs back in 86'.
Macs use a system called EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface).

Why is this good for Apple?
Apple makes great stuff, but they are stuck in the 10 - 12% of total machines out there. If they don't want to play second fiddle to Microsoft, they are going to somehow have to get that up to 30 or 40. How?

Why is this good for Apple Users?

Why is this good for PC Users?

Why is this really REALLY bad for Microsoft?


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