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Getting straight to the truth of "Chemtrails"

My challenge to people concerned about "Chemtrails"

Are you convinced that chemtrails are more than just water?
You could be right! who really knows for sure?
Get out there and prove it!

You want to prove or discover what is up there with solid scientific evidence that cannot be denied and is easily repeatable?

Then use one of these;

Also called an Infrared spectrometer

Its a small box ranging in size from that of a matchbox to about the size of a briefcase.
You plug a fibre optic lead from a small lens, a camera, or a telescope into it, then connect
IR Spectrometer on Mt Erebus Antartica

another end to a computer/tablet with a USB connector.

There are different models with different levels of accuracy and different wavelength sensitivities (some suit telescopes, some suit microscopes).

It can identify any chemical compound based on the way IR light either absorbs, bounces off or refracts through it.

They are available "off the shelf" they can be purchased, rented, or even home made.

Through Fourier transformation (a type of maths equation) and other methods it can single out individual compounds out of many.

You do NOT have to understand these processes to use the device.

The system is known as INFRARED SPECTROSCOPY.

Use one of these :

Here are  some possible devices to use
Some of these products are expensive, so choose wisely.
I'm still getting details of the exact requirements, at the moment this is just information to get you going, rather than specific instructions of what to do, although I am working on a cheap/simple solution based on the Public.lab.org system.

Public Lab Spectrometer
Price: $free if you have a smartphone, an old digital camera and some bits.

Publiclab.org is a site devoted to a fully home built simple open source design.
This is very cheap but requires a bit of skill to build. It is ideal for the home enthusiast. Heres a place to start looking for one...

 I am separately working on a set of foolproof instructions to create a standard device that is good enough to achieve this task at a reasonable price. Ill post a link as soon as its semi legible.

Price: $unknown

Spectruino is a semi commercial/open source product

A more expensive product, than the publiclab system above, but easier to get up and running (I assume).

Ocean Optics STS-NIR
Approx US$1500
Ocean Optics is a commercial company that produces a range of spectroscopes

They have a page about volcanic research
which is a good place to start looking around

Probable product to start considering might be this..
current Retail approx , but you will need software and some type of lens to connect to it..

Here is a place that sells them, and the rest of the Ocean Optics range.

ASDI  FieldSpec 4 Hi-Res: High Resolution Spectroradiometer

FieldSpec 4 Hi-Res: High Resolution Spectroradiometer
Seems to fit the requirement quite nicely, although it covers Visible and UV light as well as IR, so if its expensive, you may find you are paying for features and abilities you dont need.


Block Engineering M100
Block Engineering has been making IR spectroscopes since the 50s
They are a primary supplier of spectrometers to the US military (for better or worse).

These are military grade fully integrated devices, no doubt well made, reliable, and easy to use.

It appears they will run everything from the box, so nothing to plug in. There are of course attachments such as a telescopic lens. There is the smaller, M90 which is for connecting to other systems, and probably not relevant here unless you have found an old one on eBay or something and want to get it working..

I have yet to confirm if they are directly appropriate for this task, but with a decent Lens/Scope attachment, I cant see why not.

Here is the datasheet http://www.blockeng.com/products/m90100sheet.pdf

Avantes Mini
A Dutch company with 20 years experience.

This is the most cost effective unit, the mini, lthough our use may require a different (higher res) unit..

Updates to come.

You will probably need software to preform basic tasks with the data.
Here is some software that you may or may not wish to use with them

Ocean Optics Ocean View Software
RRP US$250 approx for single user license


Buck Engineering GRAMS Spectral ID
RRP US$995(?)

Here are Some links related to the Science/Theory

A Classroom type explanation of IR Spectrosopy basics and essentials, a great place to start.

A Discussion on identifying chemical types with IR spectrascopes.

A SIMPLE explanation of Fourier transformation

Link from commercial gas company Linde with multiple links regarding IR Spectrosopy.

Scientific overview of sensing light generally.

Are they up to the task?
To be honest, I am not an expert but it seems to be a perfectly straight forward use for this technology.

Here are some reasons that this use is well suited to these devices;

1) Our atmosphere is well suited to this testing

Nitrogen(N2) and Oxygen gas(O2) make up nearly 99% of our atmosphere, and they both happen to be transparent to IR light (which is unusual).
Also, the compounds we are expecting (water, CO2 etc) are already there in trace amounts. This means even small amounts of any other compound will show up easily.

2) We know what SHOULD be coming out of planes.
Basically water(H2O), Carbon Dioxide(CO2), a bit of unburned fuel and maybe some Carbon Monoxide with possibly certain trace amounts such as paint and oil (ie very low levels of any of the muck you would find on a hangar floor..

3) Infrared light is just low frequency light 
There is a lot of very high quality very low cost optical equipment around that we can use (ie cheap telescopes, binoculars and fire optic conduits).

4) We know exactly where and when we can take readings for the best effect.
Take a reading directly in front of the aircraft, then about 10 seconds later directly behind the aircraft (preferably without moving the lens) and compare the two.

5) We do not actually have to identify the compound.
Although the simple systems have thousands 
Infrared profiles for known compounds already. All we have to do is demonstrate that there is a compound present which cannot be accounted for, and then hand over the information to an atmospheric chemist who can use serious hardware and skills to determine what it is.

6) There is a very reliable and predictable light source coming from behind the trails (namely the sun). We do not have to vapourise or illuminate anything. Although not so good at night, the Sun is a decent predictable source, and the atmosphere is stable, compared with a volcano for example.

This site
suggests using "High-Res" readers when performing atmospheric research

Will it be sensitive enough to get a decent reading?
Infrared Spectrum of  star HD172555.

This technology has been used by Observatories to detect Sodium atoms in the atmosphere of a planet 500 light years away, so this is not really a problem.

Long story short.... Its light, if you can focus a lens like a camera or a telescope at it, and take a reading from that, you have it.

I DO NOT recommend you run out and buy one immediately, maybe think about it first, or see if you can borrow or rent one rather than spending lots of money. Unless money is no object for you, in which case go for it.
If you want to be helpful, but this all seems a bit too technical then maybe contact me and help with testing the el cheapo unit I am trying to make (Ill be using an old digital camera and a Rasberry Pi or Aduino)

When all is said and done, if you really want to do something (ANYTHING) about chemtrails this action (determining what is in them), where and when, is the first and most important step.

Very similar product at a volcano

Point the connected lens at the clouds (chemtrails) and see what the chemical makeup is.


You have nothing to lose.

If you find nothing, you can sleep soundly or worry about other things.

If you find something, it would be AWESOME!It would be a bigger discovery than Watergate.

The way it works, you would actually take a few readings, but essentially your would only need two; one just in front of the aircraft, and one in the trail, and subtract the first from the second.

You will have a full chemical profile of the contents of the trail, even if it is an unknown chemical it may be possible to infer its makeup from its IR profile.


Not only discusses the sordid subject of price (often avoided), but will also rent units with prices ranging from $150 to $500 per week.


That's all you need to know to confirm the contents of chemtrails.

There is no way to hide chemicals from the process,
These devices can detect calcium atoms in planets 500 light years away, they will have no problems with any chemical only a few miles up. (Its light so yes you can plug the fibre optic connector into a telescope if you want accuracy).

You Don't need me to do it, you can do it yourself


If you want to hear my concept for getting a bunch of people do it simultaneously, then please continue reading...

The Long Explanation
Get a bunch of people to do the same test on trails, using the same procedures, and similar tools, all over the globe simultaneously.

It could be done cheaply, possibly for free if you can borrow a unit with only a small amount of spare time.


My main motivation here is to create a method to prove the facts beyond reasonable doubt.

It should be repeatable, and verifiable.

To the extent that someone on either side of the debate may be convinced to change.

Summary : I want the truth.

The basic chemtrails idea
A loose working definition of chemtrails for the purposes of this article...

"Aircraft are spraying the atmosphere worldwide with some "chemical or range of chemicals" for some ulterior motive. 
This is revealed by the trails left by aircraft as they travel across the sky"

There are countless adjuncts to this basic idea. If you think I am missing a fundamental part, please specify in the comments.

Some people find the term "chemtrails" to be loaded, some find the meteorlogical term "contrails" to be biased, I will refer to them as "trails", so as not to offend the sensitive.

The Target
The white lines ("trails") across the sky left by aircraft are 
Scientists say "Contrails".
Conspiracy theorists say "Chemtrails".

[According to meteorologists] Contrails: Water condensation, sometimes frozen water vapour. (ie Clouds).

[According to chemtrail adherents] Chemtrails : some chemical compound other than water, although may also contain water.
Put there to achieve a purpose unrelated to air travel.

The aim is to identify the those compounds.

On many sites the concept of chemtrails is often merged with the concepts of geoengineering.

For the purposes of this project, we are not interested in the specific use of a compound.

We do not care "Why it is there?",

We just want to know "What is there?".

If we find something unexpected, we can worry about the "Why is it there?" later.

The Plan

To create a method to analyse, record and report coherently the chemical nature of the trails.

Get multiple people on either side of the debate to agree on a testing/reporting protocol in advance of the testing.

Get  multiple people to reliably replicate the procedure. Preferably in many different locations.
The more people the better, the more diverse (different couintries etc) the better.

It would be a requirement to meet the basic standards of observational evidence.
For example, record all observations, in a standard way ie date, time, gps loc, which way facing, angle, and possibly a photo.
The results are not likely to be published, but integrity is key.

In the case that some chemical that would not be expected as a result of regular aircraft operation was detected, and this was repeatable, the information would be offered (free and openly) to actual professional scientists to repeat themselves and perform serious analysis.

The procedure requires the use of a scientific instrument which is capable of analysing chemicals reliably at a medium range (say 2 to 50 kilometres away). 
Specifically it would be a requirement that it could discern between a cloud of water and a cloud of (for example) Aluminium Oxide at that range.

Infrared Spectroscope analyzing
Volcanic gas emissions
Infrared Spectroscope
An instrument that appears to do that is called an "Infrared Spectroscope".

I do not know how to use one, and expect I would be initially baffled by the output.

That should not be a significant hurdle as it may not even be a requirement to be able to use one, since a skilled operator could be a requirement to rent one, and is probably a preferable way to ensure meaningful results.

The key issue is getting the instruments (renting,borrowing or making) and getting someone who can use them with the time to indulge this project.
If they charge by the hour and thats the only way, then so be it, but it may be possible to engage them in the spirit of this project, and to help at a minimum of cost.

To our advantage, the experiment/observations can be conducted almost anywhere with a good view of the sky, so it may not even be necessary to move it anywhere. If it is setup outside for some use, we could come along at the end of the day, and get it to run for another hour or so. Minimal disruption.

Other types of instrument
I assume that radar would be able differentiate between clouds of aluminium oxide and water, but may not be able to identify the chemical if it is neither. There is no reason many different instruments may be used.

If anyone is familiar with any of these or similar instruments and has a suggestion, there may even be more appropriate instruments to use.. please leave a comment. Thanks


But Heck - why wait for me?. If you can get your hands on one, why not do it today? or any time. I would love to know what happens? What really surprises me is that nobody in the large and at least vocally active chemtrails community has never thought of or done something like this up till now.

The more people the better. People who can help making the project scientifically legible and presentable would be very useful, as well as people who can interpret the data (Atmospheric scientists).
I am also particularly interested in getting on board adherents to the conspiracy. It adds significant weight if people who distrust the trails are involved in the design of the testing, and the observations.

So Please : If you are a "Chemtrails person" I would really like you to be involved. Imagine what it would be like if we specifically found something,
Which should be exactly what you expect to happen.

If you know of any people who may suit this, please refer them to make a comment here, or contact me on Twitter @logicfrenzy

For easier linking use the short permalink:  cpubbq.com/chemtrails to this page:

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Bicycle Helmets - Helmet laws - A Neutral perspective.

The Bicycle Helmet Law debate

[Article still being written, but please read, and comment]


A recent online discussion drew my attention to a strong ongoing conversation regarding bicycle helmet laws.

Specifically: Should bike riders be legally obliged to wear helmets?

I always wear a helmet when on a bike, and I have yet to meet anyone who would deny me that choice.
But its not a choice, its the law. like seat belts.

But many bicycle riders feel it should be a choice .


Lets set the Stage.

Cycling is good - very good
  • Cycling is very healthy.
    Not just cardiovascular fitness but flexibility, stamina and mental health also.
    British Medical Journal : The health risks and benefits of cycling in urban environments.
    Environmental Health Perspectives  Do the Health Benefits of Cycling Outweigh the Risks?,
    The Health benefits of cycling are massive, even in the face of significant risk from personal injury, and exposure to pollution, The benefits out weigh the risks by 9 to 1.
    In fact; if you are over 65 years old and regularly ride a bicycle, it will add 10.8 years to your life expectancy.Thats the fountain of youth!... Why isnt everyone cycling.
  • Cycling is Cheap,
  • Cycling is Great for the Environment,  
  • Cycling is Great for the economy,
  • Cycling is a Great way to solve traffic congestion
  • Cycling is a Great social activity

Cyclists as a group are treated badly by the community.
Despite all that, Cycling in general is given bad rap by pretty much everyone who can get a clean swing.
If cyclists were an ethnic minority, the prejudice they encounter would breach many human rights laws, for example;

      Cyclists as a group are the subject to 
  • Regular dangerous harassment of cyclists by many vehicle drivers, which to my (non-juridical) mind is indistinguishable from Aggravated Assault.
  • Blatant town planning indifference 
  • Legislative neglect
  • Animosity against cyclists in the mainstream media borders on outright prejudice;
         The Australian - The menace of Urban cyclists
         CourierMail - 15 reasons we hate cylcists

Conspiracy theories aside, some in the cycling community consider this a rallying point
The right to not wear a helmet has become a rallying point for some in the Cycling community, against these issues.
It seems a line in the sand is being drawn, and the cycling community is saying "this is the point where we wont be pushed around anymore".

So why is this issue the wrong place to "Make a Stand"?

  • Bicycle helmets only affect Bicyclists.
    People who dislike cyclists, dont care whether or not they wear helmets. There is no one who comes of worse from making helmets optional other than cyclists.
    In fact people with an irrational hatred of cyclists would probably prefer cyclists don't wear helmets. What is really weird is that many people who are cyclists become cyclist haters once they get into their car.
  • There are far more important issues for the Cycling community to address: 
    • Bike paths,
    • Road Usage enforcement,
    • Bicycle parking,
    • Bicycle access on public transport.
    These are all battles that need to be continually fought, and wasting time complaining about having to wear helmets is a stupid distraction from them.
    I have found 6 web sites (Sites not pages) specifically addressing the helmet issue, but very few addressing the more important issues listed above.
  • If Helmets are made optional, people will not wear them because they are lazy.
    Not because the have considered how dangerous it is with/without them, or because they know they possess a superior situation awareness. But because they cant be bothered going upstairs to get their helmet. Yes people are that stupid, and they will have accidents, and will injure themselves.

  • Without helmets, there are people who WILL DIE, who would not have otherwise.
    There are many others who will suffer horrific injuries that would otherwise have been avoided.
    Although we cannot name the people or their injuries, they will happen nevertheless. It is Predictable, It is inevitable, and most importantly it is Tragic.

Helmets are good and they work
I consider myself a cyclist at heart, but I hate pain, and I like my head.
If someone warned you that you were about to be flung headfirst into a metal pole/brick wall/gutter at 40 km/h, but I had the option of putting on a helmet first, You would I would put a helmet on, and so would any sensible person.

If you ride a bike, its only a matter of time (NOT SKILL) before you will encounter that situation.
When you do encounter that situation, if you are wearing a helmet, it WILL protect you.

If it does not outright save your life, it is more than likely going to significantly limit any head injury.
There is no evidence (despite much disinformation to the contrary) that a helmet will in any way increase your injury, or cause other ones.
I have heard talk of more neck injuries, there is absolutely no evidence of that.
These are not opinions. These are backed up by rigorous, Peer reviewed, Published Scientific papers (see references at the end of this article).

There are many independent web sites that are anti helmet and mainly against helmet laws.
Some are openly biased,  which is really just a function of their enthusiasm but often this means the methods of data selection, or interpretation of it is skewed or invalid, which means they can't be taken seriously

In one example, the site referenced hearsay or anecdotal evidence, except for one article which later on had published an erratum withdrawing some of its interpretations.

However, I have found some sites, which although openly advocating a side, seem well thought out, and the links reference seem at least semi legit.


I refer only to "peer reviewed" articles, as this is the best guarantee of neutrality and accuracy. If you are not aware of the peer review process, it is the backbone of the scientific community, and is essential for medical research, and other areas where accuracy, diligence and and integrity are essential. A quick Summary of Peer Review.

The Key Questions

How much safer are you on a bicycle if you are wearing a helmet?
      If you are in an accident, you are at least 48% less likely to get a head injury according to
      [Article:   Mandatory bicycle helmet use following a decade of helmet promotion in Victoria, Australia—An evaluation - Monash University ]

Does wearing a helmet make you more susceptible to any other injuries or problems?
    According to the Cochrane meta analysis there is no evidence (report was for under 19 only).

How affective are legislative measures vs non legislative (ie training initiatives, free helmets etc).
    According to the Canadian  report legislative measures are far more effective and save lives.

Are mandatory helmet laws a significant obstacle to people riding bikes?
Short answer "yes".

Long Answer "no" : This effect is cancelled out when other pro bicycle measures such as bike paths are added (Bike usage increased 44% in Victoria over 2 years after the mandatory helmet laws attributed to other measures).

In fact that is the end game solution. When multi part solutions are put in place to encourage cycling

Helmets work. Stop being precious about it and wear your damn helmet - it may save your life.

Even if you are such a skilled exponent of the bicycle that you consider any accident unlikely then consider the uncoordinated, lazy, stupid people who will get hurt and killed if helmets are made optional. If you don't have the conscience to think of them, then you probably don't have the right to be forcing this decision on their behalf.

                                                                                                                                                              Article 1
Title : Mandatory bicycle helmet use following a decade of helmet promotion in Victoria, Australia—An evaluation
Authors : Maxwell H. Cameron, A.Peter Vulcan, Caroline F. Finch, Stuart V. Newstead
Publisher: Monash University Accident Research Centre
Date : 15 June 1993
Scope: Population of Victoria, Australia (approx 4.5 million) over 2 years
Link : http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/000145759490006X

Quick Summarised answer :
The mandatory law reduced the number of bicycle related head injury deaths by 48% and 70% in the first and second years respectively. During these years, bicycle use had increased (44%)

Article 2
Title : Bicycle-Associated Head Injuries and Deaths in the United States From 1984 Through 1988 - How Many Are Preventable?
Authors : Jeffrey J. Sacks, MD, MPH; Patricia Holmgreen, MS; Suzanne M. Smith, MD; Daniel M. Sosin, MD
Date : Dec 4 1991
Scope: Population of USA (250 million) from 1984 thru 1988
Link : http://jama.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=393673

Quick Summary:
"..the helmet law has been an effective road safety intervention that has lead to a 19% (90% CI: 14, 23%) reduction in head injury to cyclists over its first 3 years"

Article 3
Title : Head injuries to bicyclists and the New Zealand bicycle helmet law
Authors : Paul Scuffhama, Jonathan Alsopa, Colin Cryerc, John D. Langleya
Publishers : a Injury Prevention Research Unit, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand
                    b Centre for Health Economics Research and Evaluation, Sydney University, Sydney, NSW, Australia
                    c South East Institute of Public Health, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK

Date : Feb 1 1999
Scope: Population of New Zealand (4 million) from 1988 and 1996
Link : http://jama.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=393673

Quick Summary:
"..the helmet law has been an effective road safety intervention that has lead to a 19% (90% CI: 14, 23%) reduction in head injury to cyclists over its first 3 years"

Article 4
Title : The promotion of bicycle helmet use in children and youth: an overview of reviews
Authors : Kelly Russell, Michelle Foisy, Patricia Parkin andAlison Macpherson,*
Publishers : Alberta Research Centre for Child Health Evidence, Department of Pediatrics, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada/Cochrane Child Health Field, Department of Pediatrics, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada/Division of Pediatric Medicine and the Pediatric Outcomes Research Team (PORT), Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Date : 15 NOV 2011
Scope:  Meta analysis from Cochrane review. 21 observational studies and 14 experimental studies.
Report refers only to results for children.

Link : http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/ebch.901/abstract

Quick Summary:
Odds of head injury hospitalizations reduced by 27% to 45% depending on jurisdiction

No adverse events were associated with helmet use among cyclists.

Article 5
Title : Helmets for preventing head and facial injuries in bicyclists
Authors : Diane C Thompson2, Fred Rivara1,*, Robert Thompson3
Publisher:Cochrane Injuries Group
Date : 25 OCT 1999
Scope: Population of USA (250 million) from 1984 thru 1988
Link : http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/14651858.CD001855/abstract

Friday, April 4, 2014

Five things people don't get about Bitcoin

Where Bitcoin really came from. What its for, What it actually does, Why all the nonsense(and why it will prevail)?  and Why it is just the beginning..


Read if you like, Still have to add in the pictures to make it more readable]
In case you are not up to speed with what Bitcoin is, this a great short explaination.
This is not a guide on how to use Bitcoin for the first time,
if you require that, try this page

Where is Bitcoin from?

It was made through the voluntary work of many, based on an over all design by Satoshi Nakamoto. You can still see some of the workings of its development back to 2009 here.

The system is open source which means, you do not have to pay to use it, and anyone who wants to can take a look at the source code.
The concept of Digital Currencies had been around since the late 70s, and many have been tried, with varying degrees of success but Bitcoin is the first one to gain a serious foothold.

Im discussing this as many I have spoken to are suspicious that such a complete, complex and disruptive system just appeared out of nowhere, and was suddenly making many people very wealthy.

What is the motivation?

1) Bitcoin enthusiasts are not into Bitcoin to get rich, they are into it to be free.
This sounds cheesy and trite, but it is true (at least the closest you will get to the truth in one sentence.).

Most people would love to be rich, but being free is more important than being rich, and people will risk and even sacrifice their lives to be free, and provide freedom for others.

If you agree that spending or keeping your wealth is an inherent right, and a key personal freedom, then you should be concerned by the amount of artificial limits, financial arbitrage and suppresion that is applied even to people in wealthy countries let alone people in countries with openly corrupt and heavily controlled financial systems.

These problems stem from the fact that most financial transactions require at least passive oversight from third parties. They are inevitably open to  interference, price gouging and disruption whenever those third parties can get away with it.

With Bitcoin; the system has been created that allows anyone, anywhere, to setup and receive/send money anywhere in the world. Securely, anonymously and cheaply.

Bitcoin is a "Zero Trust" system. It does not require oversight from anyone to function.
Its rules are enforced mathematically,cannot be overridden and its transactions are protected using well established computer industry encryption techniques.

Bitcoin was designed to address and indeed solves the following issues;

You do not need a bank, or anyones permission to begin.
If you have a basic computer with an internet connection (or even just an android smartphone), you can set yourself with a wallet and begin receiving bitcoin almost instantly, just by installing the software. It does not require you to identify yourself and does not record any personally identifying information.

It is secure from any third party intervention
Payments cannot be stopped by a third party for any reason; either by a criminal, a corporation, or even a government.

Transactions cannot be subject to fee gouging by coordinated corporations.  or by anyone else.

This is particularly important for ex-patriot workers from developing nations who pay on average 10% and in some cases up to 30% of their meager earnings in remittance fees, just to transfer money to their home..

There is no way to set up a "toll bridge" within the system.
To get money in or out of your (ie to dollars) you can get buy/sell them from a 3rd party exchange, or (my preference) buy Bitcoins direct from an ordinary person.

You can find those people on the site www.localbitcoins.com. It lists people who buy or sell Bitcoins directly, either through bank transfers etc and even for cash.
 It has a rating system similar to Ebay, so you can see if someone has a good history before dealing with them.

Of course I cannot vouch for anyone. Its up to you to work that out. Caviat emptor.

The important thing here is there not even a passive 3rd party involved. Access is not exclusively for financial institutions.

Internally, money is transferred directly from one address to another.
Transactions usually occur within a few seconds and confirmation is usually within 10 minutes.

This also means things like Gross manipulation of the Silver Market by JP Morgan is impossible with Bitcoin.

No-one has access to your wallet without its private key.
The key for a wallet is issued only to the creator of the wallet you.
It is never broadcast openly. It is ludicrously difficult deduce or infer mathematically (would take a supercomputer 33 quadrillion times the age of the universe to calculate).
Just don't lose that key, otherwise any coins inside the wallet..... gone baby gone!

"Printing/Minting extra currency" causing inflation, and forgery are impossible.
When a government prints large amounts of extra currency, ultimately the users of the currency pay for it as any currency they have devalues, effectively it is a tax via inflation.
This is mathematically impossible to do with Bitcoin. to insert more Bitcoin value into the system  over and above what the algorithm already does, would be similar to naming seven prime integers between 2 and 6. Its outright impossible, the question itself is a contradiction.

So a government cannot print extra currency to balance its books
It cannot print money to fund war through either by outright printing currency,
or assigning more credit to its banks

2) You need no "stake" in Bitcoin to use it. It is not designed as a commodity.
Bitcoins are designed to be used; transferred between wallets and addresses, used to buy things, settle debts and be used by people for whatever the hell it is they do..

You do not need to have a significant stake in them any more than you need to have a stake in Pork Bellies to eat Bacon.

Bitcoins are not designed as a  commodity.
But they can be (and are) used as a commodity (as can pretty much anything with a value).

Many people invest, trade, and speculate with them, and they happen to be a great way to securely store wealth at little or no cost.

The Market Value of a Bitcoin is decided by third party Exchanges based on their transactions (essentially market forces) with no more link, official or otherwise, with the actual Bitcoin system than anyone else.

There are entire reams of articles on the net dismissing (or praising) Bitcoin, entirely based solely on whether the market value is going up or down on various exchanges.
The market value affects pretty much only the seculators, and has no real affect on the system.
It ran fine when 1BTC was $5, it ran fine when 1BTC was $1200

When it goes up, everyone prances around proclaiming what a good time it is to get into Bitcoin (then continue the irony by getting every actual fact about it wrong - except the Market price which does not matter anyway).

When it goes down, all the boring curmudgeons from the silver/stock markets (etc etc)  rant and moan, saying its a ponzi scheme, etc etc when its obvious they are just pissed off they did not get in early,  all the while missing (and not informing their viewers) the point that when its down is when you buy.... assuming speculation is what is important about it.... which it is'nt.

And no-one who understands Bitcoin gives a hoot about the latest market price. Why?

The Bitcoin system does not care if a transaction is for currency, or currents or curried sausages.
As far as the Bitcoin system is concerned, the value of One Bitcoin is One Bitcoin (1BTC=1BTC), and a transaction is a transaction. nothing else.

If you got paid in Bitcoin and paid rent in Bitcoin, that would be ideal, you would never have to deal with exchanges or such. But we are not widely there yet (although Im sure some people are).

Market value of bitcoins is import only for the purposes of transferring other currencies into or out of it. and then only the daily fluctuations are the important point.

Its important that daily fluctuations are low so if you had to pay someone $100 worth of Bitcoin and had to transfer in $100, and send it would be nice if it was still worth close to that when the transaction occurred (this is unlikely in the main financial world - with fees etc).

According to this site http://bitcoinmagazine.com/6543/bitcoin-volatility-analysis/
When this chart was produced, the average daily fluctuation was 0.7%, which is fine.

There was alot of money to be made early on by people taking advantage of the skyrocketing value of Bitcoins from the Exchanges that convert them to other currencies,

3) Bitcoin is an incredibly precise and elegant solution.
The Satoshi whitepaper at 8 pages is deceptively short.
It really requires university level maths and computer science knowledge to fully understand.

But when you actually "see/understand" the different parts working together it has the beauty of a master crafted watch mechanism. It is more than just a "good solution" it is a symbiosis of very different technologies used in original and complex ways.

I have worked in the IT industry for 25 years and can think of no system as graceful, except possibly the base architecture of UNIX... almost. I do not say this lightly.

I could even go so far as to compare it to Euler's Identity In terms of its subtle complexity.

To paraphrase Andreas Antonopoulos "It is far more than an "online currency". It is a decentralised authentication platform - think TCP for secure applications"

Here is the erudite Andreas with an insightful talk from January this year.
98 minutes of insight and analysis from his vision of it. Definitely worth a watch.
"Bitcoin has replaced the role of central banking; the job of allocating currency, with an algorithm. But at its core it allows us to fundamentally change the nature and operation of corporations" 

Possibly this explains why many people get evangelical about it. It is genius.

 "UNIX is very simple, it just needs a genius to understand its simplicity."

The only downside is that it is really difficult to explain to someone who does not have a professional level of understanding of the technology it uses, and is prepared to look ahead at the implications

I have given up trying to explain the esoteric parts of it on twitter

It would take an hour with a whiteboard to explain to someone with PKI and distributed networking qualifications.

4) There are many untruths and myths circulating about Bitcoin.
Strangely the more commercial the reporting,
the more likely and outrageous the mistrusts will be.

There is a strong and popular undercurrent of misinformation, supercilious dismissal of the technology and even open hostility from people who know little or nothing about it, and/or are otherwise unaffected by it.

Trying explain the intricacies of PKI  to someone who is already adverse to the whole concept can definitely be a challenge; The logical fallacies and outright false facts flow thick and fast.

Even in the cold hard light of day it can get really confusing and intricate.

If I told you right now that;
      "there is no such thing as an actual Bitcoin, its just Wallets and transactions." 
Would you agree or disagree?
And where would you go to find out the truth? hopefully the Satoshi whitepaper. (good luck)
Well, to the best of my knowledge that statement is the truth, but I would not say that to most people as it would just confuse the hell out of them, and not help anything.

But Why all the hostility?

Heres all I can  think of.

General Technophobia.
Most people don't understand it.

Many people are pissed off they "missed the boat" and didnt buy 10000 when they 50 cents each.
People are naturally suspicious and do not trust it out of hand, probably never would.
Its an easy target for lies and mistruths, especially since much of the truth of it borders on the magical (instant money transfers for free, would take more energy than a million galaxies to crack, made the early adopters millionaires overnight etc etc)

Why will Bitcoin prevail then?.

Because it works. Well.
Its been going for a while, although there have been issues, they have been mainly with 3rd parties (MtGox etc)  there have been none directly affecting the main system.
And small improvements are being made in the background.

Because it provides a service that pretty much nothing else does or can.

The Software clients and the process for setting up a wallet are not as graceful or intuitive as would be ideal,  but that is gradually working itself out. The client is geting easier to use, and the look and feel is improving.
Recently, multibit was given the nod to be listed on the Bitcoin site as a basic starting point for casual/new users.

Because it has a strong grass roots movements.
Many people have "skin in the game", and many of the hardcore were having fun with it when BTC was worth 5 cents and will continue to do even if the exchange rate falls back down there.

Because its reach and infrastructure is so extensive now, it cannot be switched off, it would effectively require the Internet to be shut off in order to stop it.
If even two Miners remain anywhere in the world, the system will continue (I doubt it will ever come to that).

5) "Bitcoin currency" is the first service of many on the "Bitcoin platform"

The Bitcoin core transport layer is distinct from the Bitcoin currency.
It is required for the currency, but is capable of supporting multiple other applications simultaneously.
They are all able to plug straight into the security, authentication, encryption and decentralised networking modules without any problem. They are also be able to link directly with the Bitcoin currency system so payments (received and sent) could be done automatically.

Each Bitcoin core transport block can hold up to 350 bytes of data which can contain script instructions.
They can perform quite advanced procedures.
When used in a massively distributed way, this can create very complex systems.
Leaf Cutter ants
As an example, Leaf Cutter ants cut leaves, to farm algea, to feed to Aphids, which they then squeeze for food.
They cannot eat the leaves or the algea. They have effectively only 2 or 3000 "neuron blocks" in their brains, but they are able to perform these quite advanced and intricate tasks, (it appears an ant does not understand what an aphid is, it only reacts to simuli) and yet it can do all this based on low level simple rules.

If a number of "smart blocks" are combined with even simple client software, this allows incredibly intricate behavior think of each coin in a bank as being as smart as an ant, except it is able to sense any other coin, or message from a coin, anywhere in the world, react to it immediately, jumping to an address anywhere in the world, and then be back confirmed within 20 minutes. It could pass money to and receive money from anywhere. It could also trigger actions on the client PC software (send emails, make bookings, etc etc).
It could make financial traders obsolete,and by extension it could make coprorate execs obsolete.

Some examples.
Partly based on Andreas talking around @ around 1:32:00 onwards in the video above.
All of these are possible on the technology there now, Some are available now, and some have  not been created yet.

Better Stock certificates - redeemable by the bearer completely anonymously and completely transferable, that allow the bearer of the certificate to vote in elections, as well as receive direct dividends to that coin.
Also, the stock market cannot be taken offline, works 24/7, and the system cannot be gamed with systems such as microtrades.

Distributed fair verifiable elections - Used to vote on a global or very local basis.
Votes can be tallied automatically, each voter can confirm secretly what his vote was counted as,
but that is not available to others, it cannot even be confirmed that any particular account voted.
But the total will tally correctly

Global Lotteries - Automatically paid, automatically distributed profits, with the rules setup in advance, with each step traceable and verifiable.

Crowd Funding -  Global and immediate, or with automatic payment when a threshold is reached. Payment received and verified immediately by recipient (no corrupt banks pretending the money did not arrive)

Conveyancing - A company in Argentina has been using the blockchain to indelibly record and time stamp the ownership of land. Some corrupt local government people had been taking peoples land by simply altering the official records and kicking them off.. This creates indelible ownership records.

Bond (and advanced escrow) systems

Automatic Last will and testament actions.

Financial products that up till now have been impossible either due to inflexible technologies, or artificial financial borders. Such as direct lending to anyone.

Financial systems that are guaranteed free of corruption.

Flexible ticketing and booking systems able to watch for vacancies and pay instantly, or cancel and recieve refunds instantly (rather than have Visa hold it for 2 weeks).

Payment systems that react automatically to external input
for example payment when a certain code is recieved in an email, or possibly when a tracked phone enters a certain area, as reported by its GPS